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cancer January 13, 2017

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theres too much in my head. i cant pin it all down.

my baby has cancer. fact. we are moving forward every day to make this not a fact any longer.

i thought i had more to say.


One Response to “cancer”

  1. inseolta Says:

    Dearest Kyla,
    My twin sister Sarah and I wish we were closer if our company is welcome, especially now. I encourage you if you haven’t already, to consider cannabis oil as treatment. Sarah and I were in touch with a friend with colon cancer who greatly recovered to his doctor’s amazement with this method after conventional radiation nearly stripped him of all immunity. The media group Vice also did a piece on children afflicted with cancer and how cannabis oil lead to success.
    My sister also is in touch with her dear friend who survived childhood leukemia, I could send word from her if you’d like to hear it.
    Thank you for posting this hard news and your daily walking towards changing the status quo.
    Big embrace and wish-we-could-make-you-all-good-food,
    From Montréal,
    May I please have your address via email?

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