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October 20, 2016

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tired today. really tired.

Thalia went to bed like normal. three hours later, when i snuck into bed with her and shifted her over, she stirred a bit. its is normal – she flips over, snuggles into me, has a milky snack, and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

not yesterday.

last night she woke up. she sat up, perked up, and wanted to play. she flopped all over the place, squealed, played peek-a-boo – all at 11:45. she heard jim in the kitchen and said “dada? dada! dadadada!” and then climbed out of bed and went to find him. just as happy as can bee. perfectly well rested, since she just had a three hour nap.

so jim went to bed and me and thalia stayed up and watched a movie. i tried not ot look at the clock, because it was too depressing. but she was finally ready to sleep again at 3am. i tucked her into bed and crawled in beside her. 2 seconds later my alarm went off. got the girls out of bed. fell into the routine of getting them to school.

the whole day has been slow. Thalia is grumpy and sick with a fever on and off. she went down for an early nap and i joined her so we slept for half the day. woke up feeling slightly better, but now most of the day is gone and im still feeling groggy. its not a day for school work, or cleaning, or whatever. its a day for cuddling the baby and noodling around, pushing through all the laundry so we arent naked soon. (seriously. it was getting desperate)

my exam is over so thats nice. now i need to focus on my lit review, and then look at the next big paper. it’ll be fine, i’ve got a handle on it all still. but right now, thalia is a sad, snotty little girl with a big cough.


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