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October 17, 2016

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today is crap

its grey. the sun never came up. i feel inherently sad and can’t shake it. i made plans to go out tonight with sondra, and then jim reminded me that actually he is going to the baseball game. so he will be gone all evening. then he will be gone tomorrow evening for hockey. then i will be gone wed evening for an exam and class, and then he will be gone thursday for more hockey. i think i hate hockey. i know i hate baseball.

i am supposed to be studying, or reading one of the 98 articles that i need to get through, but think what im going to do today is just opt out of everything. no laundry no scrubbing the toilet bowl no thinking about grocery shopping and at least for a little while, no studying. no reading 98 articles (read two yesterday) no answering the phone, no text messages. i am hunkering down and chilling out. i can take a hint – i will burn out soon if i am not careful.


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