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October 14, 2016

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protein synthesis will be the death of me.

which is hilarious because its one of those crucial things that allow us to be alive in the first place.

how was today? i studied most of the morning, with little interruptions here and there. the youtube channel that got me through biology is now helping immensely with A&P.

i hang out with hank a lot, in my living room, with a grumpy baby on my lap. Hank teaches me about the layers of the epidermis while i eat my breakfast and take notes. hank is my buddy. my brother was here the other day and he said that hank is his buddy as well, and is a good friend to all his classmates in his science classes and he spends a lot of time with him at exam time.

when i realized that half the day was gone and i could no longer focus on anything that i was reading, i tracked down and printed out all those damn readings. I categorize my readings into two groups – so many pages that they cannot be stapled together, or fewer pages and can be stapled together. they tend towards the ‘cannot be stapled’ really. i get excited if i find one that is less than 15 pages.

got the diapers washed. took thalia out to a grocery store and out to run a few errands for the last hour before it was time to pick up the girls. traded off with jim, gave him the car so he could go downtown. got the girls from school, whipped up a cake super fast before anyone interrupted me (god i love my stand mixer)

and now! i just got distracted by putting away some laundry and feeding thalia half an avocado and puttering around tidying up small things. not that it makes a difference, really.


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