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all successes October 10, 2016

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i read all the studies for my lit review, and picked hte ones i am going to work with. i looked up what i need to read for nadyas class, and its SEVEN ARTICLES HOLY FUCK. (it is because i secretly questioned why there was five last week, i know it) how can i possibly read them and keep them all straight? all these readings blur together. i want to try one week, just once, not reading them and see what happens. the positive is that with seven to read, i can surely knock out another critical reflection this week as well.

i got a lot of anatomy done this weekend. caught up mostly on the concept maps, awhat is reamining i need my textbook to do. and now what is left is studying. exam coming up soon and she promises to be fair, but quite detailed. i get the sense that this prof means business.

for the lit review, i also need my textbook at this point to continue on further. i dont have either text with me so im taking a break from it all, eating leftover toast to save it from the green garbage bin, remembering that i havent drank enough water today and am starting to get a headache, stretching out my shoulders and checking in on my baby who is having the worlds longest nap that im starting to think maybe she died. (she didnt. i peeked in on her and can see/hear her breathing.)

i am in between knitting projects right now so have nothing to occupy my hands. i am trying to get a lightweight cardigan project on the go,but the fist part of knitting a thing involves knitting a small piece, counting the stitches,  testing it out and lots of measuring and math, which is not something i can do while learning about the functions of the organelles inside a human cell.

what should i do now? back to anatomy i guess. i’ll see how that goes. mostly my brain feels fried right now, but i’ll see if i cant eke out a bit more time before the worlds longest nap is over.


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