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September 22, 2016

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i feel like i am going flat-out. yesterday was up at 7:30, get girls to school, (three weeks in and we haven’t been late yet thats a success right there) and then clean the kitchen and wash laundry and whatever household chores for three hours, then off to class, then a quick social thing where 8 of us went out for ice cream, then K and i sat in the grass, got bitten by tiny ants and worked out a plan of attack for our presentation next week. then 3 hours of anatomy (where i am not drowning yet thank god, but the guy in front of me looked a little pale) and walked out of the building at 9:30, so ready to shut off and go home.

got home. it was a giant mess, obviously, because when you are one parent home alone with three girls no cleanup can be done. (why did i spend three hours cleaning up so nicely this morning? wasted i tell you.) this is truly a two-parent-required crazy circus. girls are all in bed. jim makes the girls lunches, i drag my ass off the chair to go clean out the guinea pigs who have been waiting for three days to get clean bedding and its getting a little desperate in there. i love when i first clean them out, give them fresh hay and greens and they celebrate. they run around squeaking and leaping for half an hour.

we watch a show. we go to bed.

blaze shows up sometime in the middle of the night, feeling lonely and wanting to sleep in our bed. jim is up at 6:30 and gone and then its me and blaze and thalia in bed until 7:30 when i send her off to get dressed and wake up cordelia. i put off getting up as long as possible. the girls can get dressed and pack up their lunch boxes by themselves, i lay still and listen to them and try to not doze off again.

again, we get to school on time. then thalia and i go to the bank then the corner store picking up things – cat food, cat litter, hummus, and i made the decision to drop $9 on a pre-made meal thing of chicken and a chickpea salad and it was a good choice. its delicious. come home, feed cats, change litter, eat delicious chickpea and chicken salad.

today i am home all day and i have to sneak in some reading time. i have 2 big studies to read before tomorrow morning and im not quite sure when i will carve out time to do that. gotta get the girls to a drs appt at 2 and then we are going to grandmas for dinner. i am not looking forward to that.

thalia is wandering around singing to herself right now and its the sweetest thing. shes the happiest girl. this morning she found a headband with a pair of grey cat ears and was busy sitting on the floor really trying to get it on her head. i swear its the cutest thing i ever saw.

it is flat-out. and it feels awesome. i realized at some point yesterday, that i am happy – i am well and truly happy with this life right now. i haven’t felt that deeply satisfied for a while.



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