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September 15, 2016

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i dont have a lot of time – thalia is busy eating some dates in her high chair and i am stealing a few moments to give one last pass over to my critical reflection paper and then hit ‘print’.

some successes from yesterday

– i found the lecture room without getting terribly lost and panicked. only a little lost and not panicked.

– had a look at the anatomy slides and realized that i will not be totally lost drowning in that course either. i’m so glad I did grade 12 bio online last year, its all fresh in my mind. plus i have a crush on the prof already, she is awesome. This will be a good class.

– fed myself real food rather than trying to make the whole day on a slice of bread and two nectarines

– Felt that “oh shit” moment and quickly beat it back down.

– finished the critical reflection at lunch time, two days early.


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