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i forgot about toddlers. August 24, 2016

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this baby is much more toddler than she is baby. she is into EVERYTHING and i can’t get anything done with her around because she wants to ‘help’ or be in my lap or whatever it is that she can do to sabotage it.

jim took the girls to the CNE today. I had a drs appointment in mississauga at 2, but other than that i had the whole day free with just me and thalia. i thought htat we would hang out at home, i would find something nice to do durign het day, like maybe bake something or watch a show and knit.

no siree. not a chance. we started out with thalia being a grumpy, clingy baby who jsut wanted to sit on my lap and look at my boob. seriously, not even nurse, she didnt want any milk, she just wanted my breast to be out of my shirt so it would be there, close by. every time i tried to put my clothes back on she yelled at signed “milk milk milk milk” i kept offering to nurse her and she pushed me away. didnt want to actually drink the milk, just wanted it there, available at all times. awesome. if she was an adult human instead of a baby one, demanding that i leave my breast out so she can see it (and rub her face in it periodically) would be considered abuse. since she is a baby she can get away with it.

i thought maybe she was tired so i took her to lay down. i put on a podcast to listen to and she lay down for about 0.6 seconds and then that was that. she messed around with the tablet, changing the podcast, opening up random shit, being a pain in the ass generally. i decided ot give up on the podcast idea and just let her muck around with the tablet while i tried to finish up a small bead project i have been working on, and nope, thats not gonna fly either. she needs to be in the beads. and if not in the beads, then in my lap. toddlers are my least favourite stage of childhood. seriously it takes the most energy, and most of what they do is (from an adult perspective at least) utterly pointless and infuriating.

so forget it. i called it quits and we got in the car. we drove to the fabric store. i picked up some stuff, a quilt bating for this really ugly sweater quit that i don’t love at all but i’m committed to finishing because i’ve come this far already. then we went to staples and i picked up (!!!) SCHOOL SUPPLIES. yeah thats right, i bought pens and three sturdy, pretty notebooks and a new and charming little journal. all around me where high school kids and one girl and her mom shopping for supplies for residence. her mom was anxious and a bit overbearing and saying things like “is that enough paper? dont you think you need more? do you need binders? here, take another one just in case,” the girl kept saying “whatever, its fine mom.” and here i am, coming up on 28 years old, with my third baby of all things, a 13 month old who is riding in the carrier on my chest and I’m here picking out notebooks.

then we drove to the drs office. i went to get my prescription to change hands from the dr at womens college that used to write it for me to my family dr who i haven’t seen in ages. because i haven’t been there in ages, he said “well since you are here, lets do a tetanus shot because you are overdue, and then check your blood sugars and cholesterol because you should do that every three years anyway” so i got a shot, a prescription,and then we went to the blood lab. Thalia charmed all the people in the waiting room, and then yelled a lot when she wasnt allowed to sit on me while they did bloodwork/tests.

I still had time to kill if i wanted to, and I didn’t need to be anywhere for a while, so i decided to go find a teapot. I don’t have a teapot and i’ve been thinking of getting one for a while. so we went to the thrift store.

Thalia fell asleep on the way. i put her back in the carrier, and she stayed asleep. she is soooo cuddly and sweet and i will really miss these days when she was small and i could tuck her in under my chin and have her close all the time.

i found a perfect teapot for $10 along with a couple other things. i was not seduced by the beautiful mugs. i was not seduced by the beautiful set of plates, grey-pink with cherry blossoms, even though they were like $7 for all of them. we don’t need plates right now, even cherry blossom ones. sadly.

headed home. it was a full day, we got a lot of things done and i got new notebooks and a new teapot and now its time for dinner and bed. and maybe tea.

countdown to the MEP orientation and social dinner: 8 days.



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