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quickie for today August 4, 2016

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i went to a kinda-friends house (i wish she was more my friend but we aren’t really that close) in the morning. i took thalia with me, and before we showed up we picked up scones from the bakery. she is going into her third year in midwifery, and she wanted to give me some of her notes to borrow and one of her textbooks, and a stack of the studies that you read in the critical appraisal of research class.

her apartment is beautiful. it is bigger than ours, and better laid out i think. she has art everywhere and little sweet things tucked into surprising places. her kitchen is bright and light and i love her retro black and white tile counters. it made me want to come home and do a deep cleaning and a purge and a total reorganization of our place, and slap a bunch of beautiful art on the walls. i am feeling cramped in here more and more recently. we are staying her for at least another year, and then we will reassess after a year of school as see where we are.

my friend has four cats but only one made an appearance today. Thalia, of course, was thrilled by this. for her its all cats, all the time.

when i got home i looked round at my trashed place, and set to cleaning up the kitchen. i picked up all the tupperware and cookie cutters that Thalia had spread around the place. i cleared off the kitchen table of 34679872345 pieces of the girls playmobil. i wiped down the counters, stacked the dishwasher, and now, a few hours later, i just sat and watched thalia pull down all the tupperware and cookie cutters again. oy. its impossible. the girls are in summer camp for two weeks starting next week so it will feel less crowded and hopefully i can keep it tidy for more than 2 hours. im going to use those two weeks to get some of that cleaning/purging done before i get to the hard work of school.

i spent a couple hours this afternoon sewing a knitting needle roll. like a big padded roll with a dozen long narrow pockets in it to slide knitting needles into. its not like i have enough needles to need one, but i had some pretty fabric and i wanted to do something creative for the afternoon. its a success anyway. its a small project that i can whip up quickly, and i can feel productive without cleaning anything. i feel like my life kinda boils down to wake up, clean things, knit something, clean more, put girls to bed, clean a bit more, watch tv, go to bed. at least throwing sewing in there breaks it up a bit. i dream of having an actual room where i can leave the sewing machine (and the wheel, come to think of it) set up all the time. drop in, work on something for 30 minutes, then go about the day some more. i don’t know if that will ever happen.



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