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why do you want to be a midwife April 8, 2016

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i KNOW this is one of the questions i will be asked tomorrow. i need to hash out my thoughts to get organized ahead of time.

  • just assume that im preaching to the choir here. i like women and babies and i find birth fascinating and all that, just like everyone else who is going to answer this question. i want to protect natural birth, yada yada yada
  • i want to give people another choice for their bodies, for their babies and their families. choice of caregiver, choice of birth place, choice of everything.  i want to put the power in their hands to make the decisions for their own uteruses. there are not enough midwives in ontario and I know that i can add just one more to the numbers.
  • i have been a doula for four years which is long enough to see things that have made me realize that i need to be a midwife. if i had more power in the room, i could have protected some of my clients from some things, cushioned the blow a bit more, perhaps not changed the overall outcome but made it easier on the family.
  • i need work that keeps my head and hands engaged. i need work that changes all the time, work that keeps my busy. i thrive when i am busy, i am happy when i am busy.
  • i need work where i feel like i am doing something significant, something worthwhile. where i am changing lives. so i can go to my job every day feeling like i am doing something of consequence for someone.
  • as a doula i have taken my education into my own hands, and continued my learning even though nobody was pushing me to do so. i want to learn, i want to be good at this, i have gone to every workshop, watched every documentary and show, tried to keep up to date on every study and piece of information that’s come out. i want to stay current and i want to be forefront to this type of work. i want to learn both sides of any issue, not just surround myself with only like-minded thinkers who all feel the same as me.
  • i want to bridge the gap between the deaf community and midwives. one of my deaf buddies described her emergency c-section to me, in ASL. she had a stunned interpreter and no idea what was going on or why. it was horrible. I am familiar with the deaf community and i am good at  ASL and i would like to do something with that skill, offer services to deaf families in their own language. make midwives that much more accessible to people who cant hear but live in a hearing world.

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