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my head is back in the game March 12, 2016

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they want to meet me in person. i am in the cream of the crop group, the 70 who gets to interview.

my friend who was rejected shared her letter publicly. poor soul, i can see why she was rejected and why i was accepted. her letter is full of her own glaring biases and a very romanticized ideal of what midwifery is. she has a couple paragraphs where she makes out OBs to be the enemy. i have a paragraph in mine where i wrote basically, “i don’t subscribe to the us vs them thing. OBs are not the enemy. Hospitals are not the enemy. midwives and OBs need to work together.” to the question “what do you hope to contribute” i spoke concretely about my ASL and wanting to work with deaf parents and working with the LGBTQ community and that midwives need to start to change the way they work to accommodate that there are people who identify as men who are having babies, and that babies come from all sorts of senarios – in vitro, surrogacy, teen moms, single parents, and babies who will be surrendered to CAS. her response was  wishy-washy, along the lines of ‘i love women and i want to help them have natural births”.  to answer the question “what will you do to deal with the demands of the program” i had some real plans laid out. she had no idea. she didn’t really answer the question.

in general, her letter is just not as strong as mine was. it always bothers me a bit when i realize that there IS a divide between me and others. i don’t like that feeling at all. but there is one, isn’t there? my friend is very young, and it shows in her letter. she needs to pick up some more life experience yet.


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