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this other day March 11, 2016

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theres a facebook group for midwifery applicants and hopefuls. it exploded this morning – rejection notices had been sent out electronically.

i don’t have one.

i don’t have a rejection notice. BUT i also don’t have anything yet. still waiting for an invitation to either a) an interview or b) a waitlist for the interviews.

lets break it down – theres about 200-300 people applying every year for approx 30 spots. so you have about 10%  of making it. many people have applied multiple times. i know someone who applied twice. i know someone who applied five times.

of the people who apply, im sure a handful are struck out right away for not having the grades, not getting the full application in on time, or not having a crucial bit of info. 2-3 weeks ago we got a notice saying our application had moved onto the next stage, where they read your letter. i assume MOST applicants get through that first stage, but theres got to be a dozen or so that don’t meet the basic specifications.

if they like your letter and you followed the letter format correctly, and they like you a whole bunch, you are offered one of about 70-75 spots in an interview. half of those interviewed get to continue on to get a space. once you get past that hurdle, thats a 50/50 chance. that looks a heck of a lot better. i might be in that group now, but i wont know it until later today.

one of my friends just found out she was rejected. i am so sorry. how did i not get rejected but you did? how do 75 people not get rejected and the other 200 do? how can i celebrate it on facebook when everyone around me is heartbroken. i’m sorry.

if i get in, it will be in my head all the time – they chose you for this. they wanted you to be here. they wanted to train you. you are supposed to be here. you are not a poser, or faking it, the universe will not suddenly realize it made a mistake and remove you from the program. you are here because you are good enough to be here. 



One Response to “this other day”

  1. redbirdheather Says:

    Just expressing my general excitement for your life endeavors. <3

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