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packing February 12, 2016

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a0 we are flying out tomorrow morning, meaning that we have to get up at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning to get there on time. this means that everything that needs to be done needs to be done today. all the clenaing, packing, laundry, organizing the pets and setting out food and instructions. wash the diapers, make snacks, do all the dishes. find the phone charger. etc…

it also happens to be a fucking PD day. yeah that’s right, its me at home trying to power through a million mile long list of shit to get accomplished (i never finished my bio) and theres these children underfoot who need 68 snacks and are undoing all the stuff i am putting away right behind me. i cleaned up the living room. then they trashed it with toys and colouring. i sent them to go tidy up their room. then cordelia got our the playmobils.

jim is home after 5. the good thing about flying in the morning is a) seeing a sunrise from a plane, always a magnificent treat, and b) we can tidy things up after they go to bed and they can’t fuck it up again.

i’ve knocked all the big things off the list. the last bits are jsut short little tasks that we can finish up in an hour or so of teamwork.

i can’t believe i applied to midwifery. i really don’t expect to be offered a spot, and i kinda forget that i even applied so it hits me every now and again and i realize “oh damn, that’s right,  i did that.” what if i get in? then what?

Keys go to Kate
Finish last unit of bio
set up everything for workshop, leave out the workbooks for sondra
Sweep all rooms
move GPs cage and clean playpen
Set up cat food/GP hay
fish filter and fish feeder TURNED ON.
organize knitting for plane
put away last of laundry
dry/put away diapers
take all garbage’s out


i’m going to track down my workshop powerpoint and make sure its good to go for next saturday.


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