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maps February 3, 2016

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Thalia had a long nap and I just about lost my mind with boredom. what could i clean! could I put away more laundry? do i feel like scrubbing the tub again? how about cleaning out behind and under the couch, though i just did that yesterday…. how about mopping the floor! so many delightful things to do!


jim was home for about 20 minutes to grab a fast lunch and then head down to ryerson. i asked him “i need to do something from home that isn’t cleaning.” he said “well there’s a lot of things you like doing. so find one that’ll work for that.” as a bonus, if it made some money on the side i would feel pretty satisfied. yes i know that being a mother is ‘enough’ and that staying at home and being available for my kids and taking care of them and by being at home enabling my partner to work is supposed to be fulfilling me nicely. but its not really, actually. it feels slovenly, boring and it gets really, really dull. i also feel like i’m not contributing anything that can be measured concretely – especially because all the cleaning i do every dy is fucked every time they all come home.

we hit on the idea of painting more for strike. strike needs maps. jim has been playing online with people in other places in the world who are willing playtesters to work out the kinks in each new mini-adventure/expansion. and he is in need of maps that are created specifically for the setups.

right. im on it.

i want jim to write a game about being bees or ants or termites. the world from an insect perspective (though probably a very much personified one) a roleplaying game about the dynamics of a hive or nest. you could fight off invaders, run away from rain, have half your buddies killed by a bird, prepare for winter, sting things, drag home bits of crumbs…


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