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fever January 28, 2016

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sucks to be the third.

yesterday she was acting a little bit strange and i idly said “i wonder if you are getting sick?” then forgot about that. and today, she woke up feeling a bit warm and she was unsettled. i put her in the carrier and she gradually got more and more uncomfortable and cried while i got the girls dressed and brushed their hair. Jim got home from tutoring (he is meeting teenagers pre-school for tutoring now, like at 7:30 am, good god) in time to take over and take the girls to school for me so i took thalia to bed. she went to sleep. i showered.

by the time i got out the shower she was yelling and jim was trying to console her. “shes really hot” he said when he handed her to me.

its difficult to help her when she has a fever. its inside her body and she wants me to fix it, but i cant. i convinced her to swallow some tylenol, stripped all her clothes off and laid her out on my chest with a light blanket over her. then its just about comforting her as much as possible until the tylenol kicks in. so im trying to hold her and stroke her hair and sing and shes thrashing around yelling because she cant get comfortable and it feels shitty.

shes asleep again in my arms wrapped in cordelias baby quilt. somehow, all my girls have been given baby quilts. my friend at university made this one for cordelia. my friends mom made blazes. a woman in nova scotia made thalias and it was bought from the quilt store in mahone bay. i actually even have jims baby quilt, which his grandmother made him.

my application showed up at ryerson so i don’t need to worry about that anymore. so long as my transcripts have arrived it’s all fine.

when i decided that i was going to get a spinning wheel, after thinking about it for two years, i told everyone to pitch in for my wheel fund for christmas. my brother gave me an envelope with cash and this picture on the front


isnt she great? i put the photo on my cork board so i can remember what my destiny is, now that i own a wheel. i wonder if she had any teeth? i wonder if she was sweet and charming and full of wisdom, or if she was a grumpy old bat?

my wheel shipped from kansas and it comes with tracking (!!!) which means that this is happening:


i know that it made it to chicago last night and was sorted and processed. it could be over the boarder by now! it could be driving up the highway! the anticipation is like a 5 year old waiting for christmas.

i learned something neat and totally random about earthworms the other day. they dont come up out of the ground when it rains because they are afraid of drowning, like we were all taught 20 years ago. they breathe through their skin so they can survive in water for two weeks so long as it has enough oxygen in it. they come up out of the ground because its damp enough to travel above ground without drying out. they can go long distances (for a worm at least) on wet, cloudy days, faster than they can go underground.

edit: WHEEL CROSSED THE BOARDER. its made it through customs as of 5pm this evening. god online package tracking is so fun. I want to order more things with package tracking just to watch their process.


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