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January 19, 2016

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had a quiet day yesterday followed by a flurry of baking in the afternoon. i made a bazillion “banana” (very ripe plantain that jim picked up from the ‘last chance’ rack at the grocery store)  muffins for the girls lunches. naturally, they don’t like them. now i have a bazillion muffins to eat by myself.

today the sun was bright and clear and the rainbow maker has been ticking along for most of the day. its in my bedroom window right now where it gets the most sun. it has the added bonus of keeping babies entertained. thalia likes to lay on the bed and talk to he rainbows as they cycle across the ceiling. this morning after her first nap, i heard her chatting away to something instead of just calling me. and i went and peeked, and there was a cat sitting in the window and thalia was making a one-way conversation with her. bindi, for the record, didnt give a shit, but thalia was happy about the whole exchange at least.

cleaned the kitchen – seriously this time. stove, behind the sink, back splash, microwave. cleaned out the guinea pigs and the cat litter. between the pigs cage, pigs ‘playpen’ area and two cat litter boxes, i am cleaning at least one of those every day. i like the system i have right now where the pigs have old towels for bedding that i switch out every 2-3 days or so.  it means one small-ish extra load of laundry a week which is annoying, but its far better than buying bedding from the pet store all the time. guinea pigs poo an awful lot. i suppose that all strict herbivores do. but when i did have a bag of bedding i cleaned out their bedding every three days, so this is no different. two layers of towels and a layer of fleece. the pee soaks through the fleece instantly and is absorbed by the towels.

i watched one of them lazily eat her own poo the other day. thanks for cleaning up after yourself a little bit, i guess. this is also a strict herbivore trait – it doesn’t all get digested the first time through, may as well pass it back a second time.

this morning there was ice on the inside of the widow behind the computer. ICE. on the INSIDE.  this old house leaks hot air like a sieve. its so cold here in the mornings the girls are shivering if they come out to eat breakfast without getting dressed first. its working to my advantage because they are willing to get dressed without a battle these days and we have been getting to school with plenty of spare time.

three loads of laundry done yesterday, diapers and guinea pig laundry to go today. it never ends.



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