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Chocolate lamb January 6, 2016

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I um, bought a fleece. You know, to go with that wheel that probably hasn’t been built yet.
Because of the Canadian-to-american dollar conversion it was a bit more expensive then it should have been. I found a woman who keeps sheep but hasn’t been able to use all their fibre so she is selling all her fleeces. She has like 30 or so. The thing is, when you own the sheep, they keep growing wool. All the time. So if you havent worked your way through the spring shearing, by the time the next shearing comes around you get MORE wool, until, apparently, your extra bedroom is stuffed full of bags and bags of fleeces.
Most of them sold already, and a couple of them caught my attention while I was scrolling through. There was a beautiful light brown one but it was 7 pounds. I figure for my first go at processing fleece, I should not take on 7 pounds of it. The prettiest one was, of course, already gone. It was cinnamon colored with creamy tips. But it was also quite large. I needed something smaller.
I set my parameters: nothing bigger than 3 pounds, something that’s not white, something that is fine with some good crimp. Found a chocolate colored lambs fleece that looked perfect. Looked through the pictures of the other 30 or so but they were all slightly less than the chocolate one. I emailed the woman to ask about the lambs fleece, she says its one of the best fleeces she’s ever gotten from her flock. How had it not sold yet? So I sent her a slightly uncomfortable amount of money and lambs fleece #005 is coming to live with me now.
I’m going to introduce chocolate lamb to my wheel when it gets here. I think they will get along very well. Then I’m going to make a chocolate sweater I think.

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