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December 24, 2015

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having all these people home all the time means that the place is trashed. all the time. between me and jim, someone was cleaning literally all day yesterday. and when i got up this morning, the girls had deconstructed the living room and couch to play in.

there’s a lot of stuff still left.
– more bio (into unit 3 now, coming up on the halfway mark in good time)
– pick up a few last-minute presents, something for baby lucy
– get family pictures printed and framed by tomorrow
– last little bit of tidy up around here – i want to finish mopping the floors and sweep the hallway, which has tumbleweeds of cat hair in the corners.
– get the last of the laundry up from the basement before we get yelled at and get it all away.
– now that the girls have pulled the cushions off the couch, i can see that i really need to vacuum it.

i need to make room in this little apartment for all the crap that i know is coming. i’ve been shifting a lot of stuff out slowly, but i have a massive bag in my bedroom right now that needs to leave. i have some of the girls old toys jammed in my closet that need to go, without the girls seeing them on the way out.

when i went to go to bed last night the guinea pigs stood up and yelled at me. they were out of hay. i grabbed them a big handful of hay and some greens for good measure. i love having an animal that can tell me its hungry and speak up for itself. this is why my houseplants die. they sit there quietly and don’t make their needs obvious.

the sky is a deep, dark grey in the north. maybe our snow if coming.


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