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December 21, 2015

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so much busy!

i have lists and lists and lists. lists on paper, lists on the computer, lists in my phone. theres not enough time to get through it all. some things will have to be allowed to slip i think.

Jim took all the girls out to the grocery store so i could wrap things and clean up. the place is trashed – having the girls out of school and home is disastrous on my attempts to keep us somewhat neat and tidy in here.

this song hits me.

not because of jesus, but because of mary. jesus and me? yeah, whatever. i dont care. but mary is someone i can find some peace in for sure. mother to mother.

the saviour? who cares. that woman on the sidelines who raised him? the woman who gave up her sleep, and her sanity, and her body, her social life, her ability to get things done with two hands in order to love and nurture her son? i get it. we could be pals, me and mary. we could go out for tea and talk about baby poo and laundry together. i could text her and say ‘i didnt sleep last night, thalia has a fever’ and she could say ‘yep. i know how that is. you’ll get through it. try to have a nap today’.

how was your labour, mary? how did you feel when you first saw your babes face, all damp and covered in vernix? how does he sleep? are you coping okay? did you get cracked nipples, did you bleed? does he sometimes poo all up his back and in his hair too? has he ever barfed all over you?

its lovely that she gets a song about her – give the gal some recognition! that saivour would have been a delinquent and a hooligan if his mama hadn’t raised him up properly.


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