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December 12, 2015

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the guinea pigs are very fun. i’m starting to get to know them and the cats are starting to get used to them. the pigs are starting to get used to us as well. they don’t think they are dying every time i pick them up. they know that in the morning when i pick them up, we are going somewhere fun with fresh greens.

black pig is very cuddly. every time i pick her up she settles down in my lap, totally content to be patted nose-to-bum forever. white pig doesnt like being carried. shes okay to sit in my lap but carrying her from cage to living room makes her nervous and she nips my arms. she will sit for a little while but doesn’t like her head being touched very much.

this morning when i put them in their play pen thing they bounced around in circles squeaking, knowing that breakfast was coming. cilantro! red peppers! how exciting!

today – cordelias rock climbing, me, thalia and blaze go to the market. i am going to talk to wendy about buying half a cow and some hay for the guinea pigs. i bought them a bag of hay for something like $12 and we have had them for a week and half the bag is gone. i am not buying two bags of hay at ~$12 twice a month if i can get it from my farmers instead. even if wendy asked for $12 for the same amount of hay, i would be much more likely to pay her the money than give it to a pet food company.

jim texted his dad ‘what can we get pippa for christmas?’ and he responsed, and i am directly quoting, “pippa says what she’d like most for christmas from you is better communication and responses or acknowledgements to her infrequent messages to you. as for something tangible i’m sure if you just use your imagination and get something small and thoughtful it will be great.”

what a huge ass. we are offering to buy her a christmas present, and you be passive-aggressive and rude about it? lump of coal it is then!

the issue is that pippa thinks that she is the most important person in the universe. when thalia was born she sent jim a text or an email or something, saying ‘congrats on the birth!’ or something. jim didn’t reply. jim doesn’t reply to much actually, unless you ask him a direct question or are obviously looking for a response, he doesn’t reply. coupled with the birth of a baby? well, jim didnt reply to her. i wouldn’t have expected a reply to that sort of situation if it was me. we didnt know this was a problem.

until months later. when it became obvious that this was indeed a big problem. when jim found out he laughed and laughed and laughed. he said to me, “pippa is crazy. so sorry if the birth of my daughter wasn’t more about her.”


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