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taking stock December 2, 2015

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i shoved a few things around – stuck the cat litter box under the desk for starters, and then moved the end table that used to be beside the couch out of the way. its going to the basement. dragged both of the little bookshelves out of our room. the first one went where the end table used to be, next to the couch. the second one, slimmer and prettier, is currently in the hallway.

the school is making a music wall for the kindergarteners. they are taking donations of pots, pans, cookie sheets, wooden spoons etc. brilliant. i walked the girls to school today with a bag of books and a pot lid, a huge pan that we haven’t used in a year, a cookie rack… thing… its not a cookie rack and i don’t know what it is but we have NEVER used it, and the spare rolling pin. how we have two rolling pins i don’t know. all of that stuff can go on the music wall. i think the schools plan is to hang the pots and pans up and put wooden spoons on strings, and then the kids have this percussion wall. great idea. i really love this school. the bag of books i added to the little free library box. also love these things. what a great idea.

my aim is to pair down the books a little bit more until we can get rid of one bookshelf. we have four. FOUR. in this tiny place. one big one that my dad made that i don’t think i will ever give up, two cheapy ones, one in the girls room and than thin really pretty one that we picked up for free somewhere.  i want to get the cedar chest out of the living room. its a high traffic area – too high traffic for my liking. blaze has already had a tantrum and scribbled all over the top of it with pen, gouging into the wood that i spent like 15 hours carefully refinishing. with guinea pigs moving in soon, we need the floor space available.

moved the girls doll house. they actually don’t play with it very much anyway, they generally use it as a step ladder to get to the DVDs. now its in their bedroom.

rolled up the carpet in their room. its a great little area rug but its a pain in the ass to keep clean. it’s deep shag, so it accumulates tons of crap and the only way to clean it is to shake it out, which is not easy. vacuuming it doesn’t get out the deep stuff. i much prefer just sweeping.

i would like to get the cedar chest into my room. the only way to do this is to spin the bed 90 degrees and park it up against the wall. i think i have tried this multiple times since we moved in. the fact that i keep trying this means that for some reason, it must not work properly. i measured it out and it  should work, it should fit just fine. the bed, being a queen, is very nearly square. the room is a larger very nearly square. if i turn the bed a different way and fit it into the corner, it should work.

I’m getting a spinning wheel for Christmas. I’m just telling everyone to pitch in and when i reach my goal i will order it. its a little thing, squat an narrow and i can put it on a shelf when not in use. easiest Christmas ever.


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