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October 5, 2015

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I’m just putting it out there: typing on the tablet is awful.
I don’t get to the big computer often, but I have the tablet with me while nursing in bed or sitting beside her while she naps. The internet connection has been shoddy for months so generally I type something out and then the internet eats it. I don’t actually care – its the act of writing that’s important these days, not the content I produce. The content is about as good as the internet connection.
Three months in. I have a bunch of pictures but the new computer isn’t talking with my camera just yet. Her hair is growing so fast. Her rolls are starting to even out. She is happy to play by herself and be left alone for short periods of time, but still needs me nearby to nap and sleep deeply. And by ‘nearby’ I mean ‘direct physical contact’. Babies go through very quick and light sleep cycles, complete with rousing enough to open their eyes and peek to see if youre still there. If she cant see or feel me, she panics.
She has found her hands, both of them now. I often find her staring at them. She hasnt figured out what to do with them, but she likes to look at them carefully multiple times a day.She gets so worked up with excitement to see jim when he gets home.
Thalia is going to be a dumpling for Halloween. I have a full-body fleece bear suit that’s creamy white, and with the addition of a hat that has lots of crimps and pleats and folds, and maybe a felt sprig of parsley she can pull it off. We really only go to like 15 houses anyway, so I’m not putting a great deal of effort in.
I got up at 8 yesterday and until 2 in the afternoon I was moving fast. Cleaning, cooking and baking non-stop. And today? It looks like I did nothing at all. And all the muffins are gone. Its really annoying that I can put in 6 hours of housework and you can’t tell. It gets undone so quickly, right behind me. I could keep the kitchen clean if only people would stop trying to eat there.
Let’s talk knitting, can we talk knitting? Its my blog so I’m going to talk knitting. Its knitting weather all right and I want to do nothing else. Thalia sweater is finished and I have to be realistic and give in to the fact that I will probably never get buttons on it. She also has a hat now, plum purple with yellow-orange fish. Knitting baby things is like growing radishes – instant gratification. Only takes like three days.
I’ve been doing the “stash shake-out” the past few days. This involves dragging my cardboard box of yarn out of the closet and dumping it out and picking through it all to assess what’s there. This time I did the smart thing and cataloged it all. This is also necessary to check to see if anybody else has been helping themselves to my wool. This is an old building, nearly 100 years actually, and you need to be comfortable with the smallest wildlife to live here. Spiders ants and flying things are quite visible and are here with us all the time. The bathroom spiders become like friends. Blaze thinks all the ants are her beloved pets. Two things that are absolutely not allowed are moths and roaches. We have had both. This is a zero tolerance moths and cockroaches zone thanks. Moths can do a lot of damage very quickly and very secretly. So doing the stash shake-out every few months is important. Of course, keeping wool in a cardboard box is just asking for it. It should all be in airtight, thick plastic boxes really, with little sachets of lavender. Or! Moths also hate the smell of cedar. How convenient that I found a cedar chest on the curb about 4 months ago.
My cedar chest is almost done now. I have been steadily working away at it each time I go to my moms place. Its in her garage right now and it is beautiful. I actually gasped out loud once I put the first brush stroke of varnish on it. There’s pieces of the wood that glow like that gemstone, tigers eye.
my dad did some digging around the internet to find its backstory. it has a stamp inside on the underside of the lid, and the company name and the town it was made in is there. the town no longer exists, but used to be called ‘milverton’. the company started up in 1911 and started making chests in 1913. it stopped making chests in 1930 and went out of business soon after. this chest does not have a date on it but was made somewhere in that range of years. to know for sure, i would have to go look up records of catalogs at the library to find my model of chest in particular. they changed the designs every few years so i would be able to pinpoint a year if i could see the records. i still can’t believe that someone put it on the curb for garbage day. at first i was a bit doubtful at what i would find under the dark brown paint, but once i stripped all that ugliness off and got it sanded and back down to the raw wood, it is a thing of beauty. so much so that im kinda not sure i can bring it home. its too beautiful for my little apartment. it’ll be the prettiest thing here by a long shot. IMG_4204 IMG_4208
all the brown is gone. the top of it was probably once also brown but it has all worn off. underneath the wood was pale cream and muted grey and with the varnish, its a bright warm gold with blue-grey. i don’t have any pictures of it finished yet.
once its home, i will get all my yarn and wool and fibre into plastic tubs and into the chest with little sachets of lavender. i’ll probably introduce the cedar smell back to the chest with cedar essential oil. and then its going in the middle of the living room as a kind of coffee table. except there’s no coffee here, so maybe a snack table. or a cat bed. it used to have a cushion on it – it was originally designed to be a bench seat. now it’ll have toys smashed into it multiple times a day. it’s getting some extra coats of varnish in order to get  it ready for its new life in a high traffic area filled with screaming, naked children.
there is actually line breaks between sections in the actual post, but somehow they got removed once i hit ‘publish’. i cant figure out how to get them to show up.

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