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September 28, 2015

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for jims birthday i am keeping the girls up until he comes home so they can sing ‘happy birthday’ to him over an upside down plum cake and give him the cards they made this afternoon. we will possibly regret this when they can’t get up in the morning.

its knitting season! and today was knitting weather. its cool and crisp and today it was raining so softly in the morning. the mornings are so grey – not a depressing grey, but a nice, cool and quiet grey. i spent the summer not wanting to knit anything at all. and now its gotten cooler and i want to knit EVERYTHING.  unfortunately, you cannot knit everything. knitting takes time. i don’t have a lot of that.

i love making baby things because they are so fast. i made a sweater for thalia in about a week but it needs buttons. it fits her well for now, im hoping it will last out the winter and she won’t grow out of it in like 3 weeks. then i looked at her the other day and decided she needed a  hat. a fishy hat. since she is my fish.

we are all sick – everybody has, in turn, gotten the sore throat and chesty cough. but when 3 months old babies get sick it is quite pathetic. shes so tiny and miserable. she sounds like a piglet shes so congested. shes making exactly the same “snuffing around in the dirt looking for acorns” noises that you would expect to hear from a pig. or perhaps a fat, smelly old pug. so, naturally, she has yelled at me every time i have put her down and walked out of her sight today. she had more patience for this in the morning but by the afternoon she yelled at me if i made a move to put her down. skin-to-skin boosts a babies immune system and helps them get over sickness faster, helps them regulate their own body temperature and lowers their cortisol. so i spent the afternoon with her, only in her diaper, up on my bare chest. she napped there, sweaty and a bit feverish for a few hours while i worked on her fish hat and watched the farm show documentaries again. (the irony of watching people work until they drop like victorian farmers while i sit on my ass is not lost of me.)

shes asleep now, in the carrier, snoring. her lashes have gotten so long since she was born – its like they weren’t fully grown in yet when i first met her. and her hair is getting longer, it falls over her ears and over the back of her neck in little feathery wisps. she has found her hand. just one so far, im pretty certain she doesn’t know about the second one.

i am trying to spin as thin as i can without going insane. jim watched me draw out a teeny-tiny thread and said “you’ve gotten much better at that then the last time you spun” i was surprised the guy had paid enough attention to notice that. the downside with spinning really fine is that it takes fucking FOREVER. but i really do love it. i have ‘busy hands’, which is what Omi called it. my hands need to be doing something – for years, that was painting. now they need to be busy with other things.

rhea says Jesse has busy hands too. except, apparently, when your busy hands don’t have an outlet, they do things like whittle away the windowsill with a pocket knife. Rhea asked me to teach jesse to knit so she stops idly carving into their house. busy hands will make themselves busy once way or another.


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