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since im stuck here… September 14, 2015

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thalia napped beside me on the couch while i watched a show about brains. ALWAYS watch shows about brains if you can find them, the science changes so fast you will always find something new and totally fucking astonishing. i try to be budy and get a lot of things done while jim is here, or at least even the girls, because i can exploit the extra hands. hold the baby while i clean out the cat litter and load the dishwasher. go sing a song to your sister and show her the stuffed monkey so i can figure out this closet disaster. i do my stuff then, so that when its just me and her i can sit and watch a show about brains and not feel like im antsy and need to me moving quite so fast.

she was still asleep as the show wrapped up so i decided to clean out under the computer. i moved one box to the closet and need to sweep back there. too late shes up – so while im holding her, i can sit here for a bit. but now i am antsy. sitting down for more than an hour is too much sitting for me.

jims game is so nearly done. he is right on the edge of being able to release it. he did ask for a bit more art, tiny little things that i can bust out in 15 minutes. this part really feels like it will never end. we sit and go through the whole thing together, tweaking it, adding in little illustrations, and it seems like every time one thing is knocked off the list theres another couple of things that get added on. eventually there will be no more things added to the list and that list will slowly be whittled down. his drive to get this thing wrapped up is commendable.

i told him he was going to pay me in wool. im thinking of the winter and i want to spin again. last winter i spent the evenings spinning and spent the spring knitting. two seasons were occupied with one really long, drawn-out project. amazing! $40 of fiber goes a long way to keep me entertained and keep my hands busy. paying me in wool makes me the cheapest artist on his roster. i was going to buy roving anyway but since its from etsy i need his credit card, so we joked and said it was payment for all my artwork and my layout design help. (seriously, i saved that game from some really atrocious layout messes).

found a fiber artist in Ottawa and bought three HUGE braids of fluff. one in colours i am familiar with and are ‘safe’ colours for me, grey, blue, green, shades of teal and lilac. another is a similar spectrum of colours but all in pinks, purples, grey and a dark raspberry. the last braid is novel and exciting – its a damn shiny rainbow. its gorgeous even if the bright colours are a bit scary. that should keep me occupied for a long time.


it must be the weather, i want to knit everything. EVERYTHING. i finished sondras shawl, and i am not very interested in finishing my own summer shawl right now. i want to make thalia a sweater. its getting cool and in the mornings when we walk the girls to school, we all need a light sweater on. i have a baby wearing wrap thing… its like a poncho or a kimono-styled wrap thats made to go around me and her in the carrier. it looks ridiculous but its snuggly and it means we share body heat. when we went to the market saturday i brought it out for the first time and me and thalia were warm and everybody else was cold. a friend of sondras made it for me as a barter in exchange for coming to a henna workshop. and on that 8:30 walk to school in the mornings i really appreciate it.


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