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first day September 8, 2015

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i was quite excited to put my children away for 6 hours. thankfully they were excited to leave.


today has been busy! me and jim walked the girls to school. he is supposed to be teaching a class tues mornings but it has been cancelled for now. it might re-open up if the enrollment is high enough in the next couple weeks. but for now, he is home tues mornings.

seeing blaze in a backpack is weird. she’s still my baby. but now she has a braid in her hair and a pink lunchbox and a dose of sass. she wore her most dazzling, poofiest princess dress to school for her first day. cordelia ran around looking for old friends. everybody came to peek in on thalia, asleep in the carrier, as they all watched me get bigger and bigger all last spring and want to meet the person who was inside.

when we got home, thalia stayed asleep for a bit and i buckled down to finish all the artwork for jims game. we are DAYS away from having it finished. i have put most of my free time into helping him wrap up this giant project recently. we have spent most evenings after the girls have gone to bed, sometimes with thalia on our lap and sometimes not, going over the layout and fitting in all the art and making adjustments. all my art is done, and the little bitty icons are all finished up. he may ask for a few more things last minute but right now its finished.

we havent had internet for a week. the first thing jim did today was call the internet providers and got them to fix it. they have fixed it multiple times in the past week but this time it finally worked. so thats settled. its not a big deal to me, but Jim needs access to his work emails. there were a bunch of little nagging tasks to do that involved hte internet – a pile of emails to work though and a pile of emails to send to people. adding everything to the calendar – dance, hockey, meetings with Sondra, my dentist appointment, emailed the photographer to do family portraits.

once all that was done it was somehow 1:00. jim had a quick shower and thalia had a quick shower with him. she doesn’t like showers with dada becasue he doesn’t give her milk while shes getting washed. i nurse her in the shower and scrub out her rolls while shes occupied and she doesn’t mind the whole ordeal as much. now shes a clean fresh dumpling and she doesn’t smell like barfy cheesy old milk. jim threw on some ‘fancy clothes’ and went to teach his afternoon class.

i cleaned the kitchen and planned dinner. thalia fell asleep in the carrier. macaroni and cheese with secret sweet potato. i DO NOT want to turn the oven on, but i need to roast the sweet potatoes. since the oven will be on i also make the most of it and put in a peach pie to bake and made chicken stock. then it was 2:00. i sat down to watch a show, thalia still sleeping. knitted for a bit, then made myself some food and prepped a snack for the girls for when they come home.

yesterday morning:



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