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im not crazy August 26, 2015

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I was at a gathering of doula buddies and one of them has a three week old baby. She is teaching him to pee in a potty. He can do it. She taught her first daughter to pee and poo in a tiny potty, or in the sink, right away, as in when she was a couple days old. And she was potty trained by 18 months. That’s remarkable.

Its not a new idea. In fact its a very, very old idea. a couple of times I thought, while dealing with leaky diapers, “you’d think, by now, that we would have invented a better system” and now i realize that we HAD a better system, then we broke it by iintroducing diapers.

I’ve heard of the idea before. Its called elimination communication, diaper free baby, or infant potty training. I don’t like the name “infant potty training” because that’s not really what you’re doing. I’m not potty training her. I’m just watching and listening to her, paying attention to her cues and her body language and being aware of timing.

Decided to check it out, read a little bit about it, and then try it out for a few days. If it was hard then whatever, the point is to make less work for me, not more. So the other day Itook her diaper off and hovered her little butt over the sink and said “sssss” and she peed. Wow! Probably that one was sheer luck. I think it has something to do with the squatting position you hold the babies in that helps them go. In theory, over time, they are conditioned to associate the sound with the act of peeing or pooing and you can cue them to do it.

The websites and the pros all claim that babies don’t want to mess tthemselves or want to sit in a wet diaper and are born ready to learn to pee on command. That sounded ridiculous. At first.

Jim thinks im crazy. And i agreed that it might be crazy, but not crazy enough to not try it out first. Today we have only used three diapers. Today she has peed in the sink about five times and pooed three times. Yesterday she peed in the sink about five times and pooed once. I miss less than I catch. And its so easy, so intuitive, that I’m blown away. It really does feel like she was born ready to do this and all Ihad to do was pay attention.


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