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August 21, 2015

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successes today:

– had a decent, though very late breakfast. quickly tossed together the worlds fastest breakfast before thalia realized i had left ther side.
– made smoothies, which i turned into popsicles for the girls. coco drank all the leftover smoothie that didn’t fit in the popsicle molds. this means that she consumed some secret vegetables today. that, by itself, is a success.
– made banana and raspberry muffins from the bag of $1 discount, very brown bananas. the only raeson i was able to do this was because jim took thalia for a walk in the carrier to the bank.
– put away all the clean laundry. only because she had her morning nap on me in the carrier. seriously, my life can function because i have a selection of carriers.
– cleaned the kitchen while jim did bedtime, and thalia napped on him in the carrier.

that really doesn’t feel like a lot of stuff. i used to be able to keep going all day, get all my things done, keep up on everything. that was ages ago now.

she is trying her darnedest to learn to smile. it looks like it takes a lot of effort. i can practically see her neurons joining together.


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