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August 12, 2015

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Ive started so many posts then come back later and found that i didnt care any more.

its CRAZY here. ive taken a moment to sit back and appreciate how crazy. i am keeping above water mostly, with mini breakdowns here and there. right now:

  • i am sitting with a naked baby who could probably use a diaper change
  • the girls are half-assed putting their toys away. i managed to get them to play a new game – put the toys you dont want in the big black plastic bag. they have been doing well with this game. they are also making more mess in the process, so its kinda moot.
  • im tired
  • the cat litter needs changing
  • the kitchen needs a thorough clean. everything is sticky. its not enough to just tidy it up any more
  • same with the bathroom
  • in fact, this could be extended to all the rooms
  • the floors really, really need to be mopped.
  • the baby on my lap is annoyed because my milk is coming down too fast. she alternates between trying to nurse and falling off to cough and yell
  • im hungry. i do not have enough free time or free hands to make food

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