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August 4, 2015

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good god shes nearly 10 pounds.

went to the midwives today. most babies gain an ounce a day – thats the average. the little fish (or, as jim has started calling her, the big fat whale) has put on almost 2 1/2 oz a day. A DAY.

I asked, mostlyout of curiosity, is there a point where babies are gaining weight too fast? Sara said its impossible to overfeed a breastfed baby. That sounded quite plausible but Ialso wanted to know “why” and so did my own research. Its not impossible exactly, but its so damn near being impossible that we can safely say its impossible. That is to say, it is possible to overfeed breastfed babies in a few very specific situations, generally of a “something is medically wrong with the baby” kinds. It is very easy to overfeed bottle fed babies. The trick is the bottle itself. Babies have to work really hard to get milk out of a breast, but milk will just dribble out a bottle. Nursing for hunger and nursing for comfort and for mommy cuddles or to fall asleep feels totally different and I can tell when she’s getting milk and when she’s just soothing herself. With a constantly dribbling bottle however, babies will continue to get formula even if they are just sucking for comfort. Also, formula is expensive and it only keeps for a couple hours after its mixed, so caregivers have a tendency to try to get babies to finish the bottle so as not to waste the formula. This means that from infancy, people teach their babies to override that magical built in mechanism: “stop eating when full”. Is it any wonder that formula babies have a higher risk of turning into overweight and obese children and overweight and obese adults.

Turns out, cross stitching a bunch of mushrooms takes a lot of concentration and energy and so having not a whole lot of either I have put that project away on a hook in the closet. The couple times that Ihave had a free lap and two empty hands is when i am putting the girls to bed. We have a nice routine going now for bedtime. Jim reads the girls a story (they are starting harry potter now) and then he gets a carrier and gets a snuggly baby and he takes a long walk outside. He gets a special, end-of-day, uundivided-attention cuddle with her while they walk. I get some time with my older girls and some free lap space. I have tried to pick up the mushrooms again, but I’m not motivated. By the end of the day I simply don’t have the energy. A couple times a week I accidentally fall asleep by like 7pm.

I have focused on knitting. Much more mindless, simple, and ‘doesn’t require constantly referring to a pattern’ knitting. Summer knitting project is an oversized wrap shaped like, so claims the pattern, a banana leaf. I am using bamboo yarn because it was on sale and much cheaper than the linen yarn that I originally went into the store for. I have figured out how to nurse and knit at the same time. But by the evening, I’m not very interested in knitting either. Even that does take some concentration and effort.


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