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July 28, 2015

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from yesterday:

Had a good day, got a lot of things done. Thalia is working on settling down for the evening, which means that I am not allowed to put her down she wants to be on my body and comfort nursing. Right now she is naked and only wearing a neon green diaper. I am topless and only wearing a neon green bra. This is because she spit up a belly full of curdled milk on me. She was wriggling and fussing and crunching up her body and turning pink and crinkling up her little face and then did the biggest burp and emptied her stomach on my shirt and into her neck rolls. We will be having a bath tonight I think. I really do not like the smell of breast milk, and I can never get away from it.
She’s starting to loose the baby fluff on her back and arms and legs. She has grown and changed so much in just three weeks. I want to hang onto everything – it is painful to miss anything at all about this newborn stage. It is fleeting and you only get to enjoy it once. I love when people ask “how many months old?” And I say “no months. Three weeks”.
Newborns are so different from adults you should really think of them as a different species.
today; didn’t do anything! napped on and off all morning. i am EXHAUSTED. not-functioning. three weeks of not sleeping well is building up on me. not to mention the last few months of pregnancy, where i was tired all the time as well. there just isn’t enough sleep to go around.
theres tons of things to get finished though. but i just don’t have the time or the energy. the amount of cleaning is overwhelming. the girls trash this place every damn day. and i just cannot do it. they can trash it faster than i can tidy it. and i can get them to clean up their own messes, but not all the time and generally they just fight me about having to do it.
we are going out for our newborn hearing test. thalia and i are going for a ride on the subway. sometimes i think i would like to go on the subway just to read. i could travel from one end of the line to the other, sitting quietly while she slept, and just read and be lulled by the rocking. the subway costs just shy of $3 – i could go up and down and up and down for hours, never having to leave my seat, with a book and a sleeping baby.

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