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July 18, 2015

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Hooray for getting stuff done. So many successes.

Went to the market.
Jim went to tutoring, Iput away all the groceries as fast as possible while thalia told me how much she didn’twant me to put away the groceries
Sorted out the new clothes from Sloan while nursing. The girls helped me put away the cloth diapers and then blaze hung out with babe while Iput away a load of laundry.
Put on the rest of the laundry to wash, also at super speed, before babe realized I had gone.
Jim came home. I nursed and changed Thalia and passed her off to him, he tucked her in the sling and I went to the grocery store,
I am running on borrowed time – cleaned out the fridge, tossed a bunch of stuff and scrubbed down everything. Thalia still sleeping. Put all the groceries away. Thalia still sleeping. Cleaned out the cat litter. Thalia still sleeping. Put the last load of laundry in the dryer. The squishy fish is still sleeping.

She’s up now, we are nursing and cuddling and having her lay across my chest and stomach makes me feel whole.

I have some other plans for today but I’m not sure I will get to them. Finish putting away the clean laundry tthat’sstill in the dryer right now, make cherry ice cream (we bought 7L of sweet cherries today and probably have about 24 hours to use or freeze them all) This evening I’mgoing to see if iIcan sneak in a shower.


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