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first day home July 15, 2015

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She’s a week old. It actually makes me anxious – I love her desperately and it scares me that she will grow up and not be this tiny and squishy anymore. I want her to be this tiny and squishy forever. I want her hair and her dark gray eyes to stay like this forever. This is my last baby and i feel like I need to cling to it or i will miss it.

My other girls have been lovely today. This first day with all three of them has gone really easily. They have played by themselves all day long, without a single argument or even a frustrated peep. Not once. Its like some sort of miracle.

I cleaned the kitchen, arranged a time to go to my moms, fed the baby lots of times, dealt with some stuff that’s not hard but I just haven’t found the few minutes to get it finished, and made a cherry crumble. I am trying to finish knitting the uterus and breasts so iI can ship them. They are way, way overdue now and I just want to get them finished and out the way and done with.

Feeling a bit housebound and I need to get outside at some point today. Will probably meet Tynan and her friends later this evening. I’m not quite brave enough to try to get all the girls out together by myself just yet in any oganized fashion, but maybe we will go do some chalk at least. I can sit on the porch steps and be outside.


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