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July 14, 2015

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Been a really good day.

We all went to Humberand jim showed off all his girls to his very small and super casual stats class. We sat in the back of the room while blaze and coco finished their bananas, then went to kill time playing in the hallway. It stopped raining so we went outside. TThere’sa ramp and some stairs and benches and flower beds and a roofed in area and an art piece, which quickly became the setting of an elaborate mermaid game. I sat on a bench and read while keeping on eye on my two mermaids who were having grand adventures and swimming away from pirates. Thalia slept in the sling and people who walked by us who caught sight of her made delighted squealy noises.

After Jim’sclass we walked to the bakery for lunch, then we drove to the exhibition grounds so jim and the girls could go to the pan am gymnastics event. The tickets to most events did not sell well and you can get them quite cheap last minute. Thalia and Idrove to the yarn store and she broke my heart by crying the whole way. Thalia was content to stare around at everything for a while but then started to desperately eat my shirt. One of the woman working in the store who was helping me find a set of needles set me up with a chair in a corner of the store and we nursed while Ilooked over all the needle packages and compared them and picked one. Great job, yarn store lady! Generally sales associates are a bit awkward if Ineed to nurse in their store, but she was on the ball right away. I emailed the store this evening to say “your staff member was very considerate and I had a really good experience nursing my newborn in your store today”. Because that’simportant, and it matters.

Then we drove home and she broke my heart by crying the whole way.

We are home now. Jim and the girls are still out and I don’t know what time to expect them back. The market is happening this afternoon and Ibelieve we are going later. But right now, after so many sad car rides, iI am happy to just do what this tiny girl needs me to do – fill her belly up with warm milk and let her sleep on my chest. Keep her as close as possible. And not go back in that awful car seat again today.


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