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July 12, 2015

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Girls are at my moms again. Its the best gift – having these quiet hours, and I know that they are having an absolute blast over there and getting all the attention in the world.

Today Ispent the majority of the day in bed, feeding or cuddling or napping with thalia. Jim ploughed through his work as much as possible all morning and is nearly finished. Together we did some annoying little tasks: filed for her birth certificate, SIN number, tax benefit and started the process of getting her a passport.

I also secured some dates of events coming up – the new moon circle at anarres, the cloth diaper sales downtown in a couple weeks. I am starting to get back on the social calender track again. I have three appointments to book soon, thalias two month vaccines, her heart dr check up and my own check in with the psych to monitor how i am coping.

In the late afternoon, once jim had done as much work as he could get finished, he put her in the sling where she napped and I showered, put the laundry away and tidied up our room. When she was ready to nurse again jim gave her back and cut the lawn before going to hockey. That doesnt sound like a lot, but its really quite an achievement to get it all done today. Now she is napping right beside me, her tiny body cuddled against my leg and i am going to eat some dinner and find something to watch.


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