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July 6, 2015

Filed under: Uncategorized — springtwist @ 12:38 pm

its too hot.

theres supposed to be a storm tomorrow. maybe that will make the baby get out.

im so fucking tired of CLEANING ALL THE DAMN TIME. i feel like my life is made up of cleaning. i clean and i take breaks from cleaning to break up fights and make 80296267 snacks. which only get half-eaten and then left for me TO CLEAN THEM UP.

i cleaned up the desk the other day and jim immediately filled it with his shit all over again. the girls trash the place every day. i cannot do this every day.

i keep forgetting that i am still sick. i took one day off to nap and do nothing, and now i need to make up for it. Jim did a ton of stuff on that day that i slept but it doesn’t matter. it never matters the apartment looks the same all the time regardless of how much effort we both put in to keep it tidy. but in reality, i don’t have the energy. i want the baby to come out so i can have a legitimate excuse to let things slide. and then maybe other people will come help and it wont be up to me all the time.


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