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37. June 28, 2015

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wordpress has eaten my past two posts.

went to the market by myself yesterday, just before it started to rain. i bought quite a lot of ground beef and pork (i said “i also need some ground meat.” Wendy said “which one would you like? i have fresh beef and frozen pork” i said ‘I dont really care which one. just some ground dead animal.”) some fancy luxury cheese and MORELS. we have missed the mushrooms for the past two years. last yer it was just hot and dry and there just weren’t any morels. this year its been mostly mild and very very wet, and the table was full of baskets and baskets of the alien-looking things. i bought a big bag full to make up for missing the past two seasons. im hoping that the luxury of fancy cheese and fancy wild mushrooms will make the baby come out. thats logical, right? i told my mom I’m going to go buy fancy underwear and wear them around. apparently wearing your best underwear will make your water break and ruin them. seems like an easy way to tempt fate.

when i got home, i told Jim i had a present for him. “MORELS?!” he gave me a big hug. thats how excited he gets about mushrooms. i picked the right guy.

turned the ground meat into a giant pot of chili, which is now in the freezer. now we have mac and cheese, probably too much mac and cheese, oatcakes that are really like dense little oat muffins (i think of them like single-serve, hand-held portions of oatmeal. they are not sweet at all and they are perfect with a thick smearing of butter on top) and granola. one-handed snacks will be crucial. things that i can quickly feed the girls will be crucial.

Jim made a pizza dough yesterday, so either today or tomorrow i will be adding little child-friendly pizza pockets to the freezer. I’ve also been looking up how to freeze apple pies this morning. i am going to sondras today for a small gathering of some of my friends who want to make a fuss over me and my belly, and its so strange for me to be the centre of attention and not be part of the set up or clean up crew for such an event. we have a PILE of apples right now, so I’m thinking of making a couple of pies this morning. baking one to bring with me this afternoon and the others can go to freezer camp. each day that baby stays in is another meal in the freezer.

had contractions all day yesterday. it rained all day. i woke up with contractions and they continued the entire day. i took some breaks to just sit with them and listen to them a bit, then got up and went to do the laundry, or make lunch or something. once jim read the bedtime story and i got the girls to bed, they picked up as it got dark. i sat in the dark and stared out the window, mesmerized by the rain and the shadows of the ivy on the walls and in this weird pre-labour trance (yes, its a real thing,) of letting my body tighten and squeeze down every two minutes and not thinking about anything at all.  shes close now. one or two good storms would do it.

im wondering if i can just drop a baby in sondras living room this afternoon. its still rainy today and its overcast and dark outside so i’m still contracting now. I’m just glad that my contractions are still gentle enough that i can sleep through them. i wake up a few times with a bigger one, or with a massive pain in whatever hip im laying on, but other than that i can sleep.

i told her “stay inside until sunday! just get me past sunday!’ and i think that as soon as i relinquish my sheer willpower hold on her, she’ll just fly out. today is the last day that i need to do anything. school is out, we are full term, its my party today, theres some food in the freezer, all the laundry is done even and i have all my stuff assembled. we have a carseat and clothes and backup phone numbers. and once thats all over with, its fair game.

everybody coming today is a doula. and if danielle is coming shes a student midwife. and if court is coming, shes a chiropractor. and sondra’s dog can lick the floors clean afterwards.


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