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June 16, 2015

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peanut butter pancakes and hot chocoalte for dinner. leftover peanut butter pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast.

THE SUN CAME OUT. just now, as i wrote that first sentence. my uterus should calm down now. baby is doing her morning dance routine in there right now. she keeps slamming into my cervix and making me gasp. the sudden pinch surprises me every time.

its super fucking humid. i just pulled my shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

I’ve seen these little nest pendants around a lot recently. its just a bunch of wire and a couple beads. so instead of paying like $30 for one, about a month ago blaze and i went to the art store and i bought some wire. i made the nest all in one go many weeks ago, then put it away and lost it somewhere for a while. found it when i cleaned all the shit off the desk and wanted to just finish it up that night, added in my turquoise beads. there! nest pendant for like $6.


i ignored my mushrooms for a few days while i was busy contracting in the bath instead, but picked it back up in the last 24 hours. finished the blue ones, and pulled out the canvas beneath them so i could see how they look on the grey. i will pull out the canvas from under all of them when it’s finished, bit by bit. now i’m moving down to the ruffly brown ones. i believe its hen of the woods but i would need to double-check my notes to be sure which mushroom is which. i took this picture with an actual real camera so the colours showed up properly.


my midwives came to visit the apartment yesterday afternoon. it serves too purposes – we get an appointment where they do all their charting and measuring and we talk a little bit about what happens if we need to go to the hospital, and then they get to scope out the area, ask where they can park, make sure they know the route to get here fast, have a walk-through of the apartment to gain an idea of how this birth is going to work so they arent jumping into a home birth without seeing the lay of the land first. Sara offered to check my cervix for me. she said she could do it in a way that didn’t irritate it, she would “sneak up on it” so she didn’t accidentally set off labour. she called it ‘fluttery’.  she said “its so soft than when i touch it, it just floats away from me.” now I’m picturing it like some gentle, slow-moving fish with super long fluted fins. like the fish from the original fantasia movie.


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