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compare! June 7, 2015

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24 versus 34

can you see that I’m all lopsided in the top-down image? shes always sitting on my right side. thats a baby bum. all the feet and knees and hands and sharp bits are on the left.

did nothing today. Girls slept at my moms last night, i slept for a solid 10 hours and then could have had a nap around noon again. the clouds are coming in slowly its supposed to rain tonight. i knew that before i even double-checked it online. my body knows. i might get back in the bath again and drip milk and gently contract for a few hours.

we are going to jims mom for dinner. i don’t really care. bob and kristy and baby lucy will be there. don’t care about that either. want to be left alone.

after our appointment with the fetal heart dr, (who baby DID NOT sit still for. dr is a complete dear and a lovely man and said everything looks normal and perfect and come back when she’s out so he can check again) Sondra gave me three orange beads. i missed the name of the stone, but she said that they are protective for pregnancy. one for each girl. again, i don’t believe what she believes – the stones do not have actual magical properties and they will not protect me from anything, but the gift was touching and meaningful. thats all it takes to show her genuine love for me – three orange beads. they are special because of that. because she is caring for me in ways she believes in.

i bought some turquoise beads and some tiny brass bells from etsy this time last year. i wanted to make myself a tinkly, softly chiming anklet but i put the beads in my drawer and left them there. this afternoon i paired the rusty orange beads with the bright turquoise ones, added the bells, and made my anklet. the two colours together are perfect. now i chime gently whenever i move.


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