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June 2, 2015

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By 9am I had gotten Cordelia to school and blitzed through the kitchen. It needs to be done properly but all the dishes are now being cleaned by my one true love, the dishwasher.

Jim and blaze are going out for the morning before he needs to go to tutoring. The bakery and down to Kensington market for fruit/veg/ cheese and fun things that they find. Blaze is setting off for the morning in a sparkly blue and purple princess dress. I am to stay home and paint. This game needs to be done by end of June.

Here’s my list for today let’s see how much i can plough through.
confirm “fetal irregular heartbeat” dr appointment
Take cheques to bank
walk to post box – mail the backlog of things i have ignored for a long time
Find a carrot bag and a nylon to complete the henna kit, and ship it (this will not be happening. I think I will just refund the gal and shut the shop down for a while)
Clean the girls room (also unrealistic to get done today)


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