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this will be a boring post May 29, 2015

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– got the girls up, dressed, fed, hair brushed, and walked with Cordelia to school while jim took blaze to nursery.
– ate breakfast, made a plan for my morning, left the door at 9:30
– went to grocery store to pick up henna supplies for workshop tomorrow
– went to thrift store, ditched bag of junk and brought home: sheets for the bunk bed, receiving blankets for baby, summer shoes for me (the kind that don’t require bending over) some miscellaneous fabrics that i liked the look of, pair of burgundy earrings and a pretty little stained glass candle holder.
– watched a gorgeous woman with mermaid hair and an off-leash cream-coloured, greyhound-ish dog with one blue eye walk nonchalantly to the beer store. dog sat patiently outside and waited for his woman to come back. what a good dog.
– went to other end of the city for the yarn store. bought out all the discount white bamboo yarn for super cheap for my next project. yarn store lady said “i hope you can get it done before the baby comes!” and gave me a big smile.
– got home in time for Jim to go to his tutoring appointment. made lunch for me and Blaze, stacked and ran the dishwasher.

i have been eying the dirty laundry pile. perhaps this afternoon will be the time to tackle it. i can toss in all the new sheets and baby blankets as well.

there was supposed to be a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon and it NEVER HAPPENED. they PROMISED me a thunderstorm to break the heat and muggy air and give me some relief from the waddle. now its supposed to be today instead. whatever, weather people. don’t tell me I’m getting a thunderstorm then not deliver. now i don’t trust your empty promises.


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