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discomfort May 28, 2015

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EDIT: I just found these posts. Its amusing, charming even, to discover that i basically just re-wrote this post from the past.



4-7 weeks to go.

Belly isn’t getting taller its just getting further out. Sticks out way in front of me. Always precedes me when I go into a room, out the door. My belly leads the way and always gets there first.

She can reach my ribs. Baby feet under my ribs feel like someone’s thumbs trying to pry my bones like a can opener. I picture in my head the image of dismantling a chicken into pieces – cutting into the breast and cracking the chest and peeling up all the splintery rib bones. Its that sort of feeling.

I am uncomfortable sitting in the kitchen chairs now. Running out of places to park my butt. I sat with blaze while she ate lunch and then handed her a watermelon Popsicle and went to bed. Lying down and relaxing everything in my pelvis generally makes my bones pop and shift back into place.

Jim came to be sweet. He rubbed my belly and my back and breathed in my scent. He tried being flirty, trying his luck and making a hopeful expression. But I made an exasperated noise. Not at all interested in sex. Not interested in anything except being a sloth and napping for the next 7 weeks. I’m sure even the most gentle sex will make my bones more sore. Plus i feel super un-sexy and clumsy and awkward. I can’t even SEE half my body anymore so I’m sure i am a bit disconnected.

At this point, the discomfort is inside my body so there’s no way to get away from it. Just wait it out.


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