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May 23, 2015

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the 8 week countdown list.

– make all those nursing pads that i bought all the fabric for
– strip cloth diapers, decide which ones are worth putting back into circulation
– wash all the clothes since they smell like a second-hand book store
– get more clothes since apparently i tossed a whole bunch out that were too worn
– make all the baby clothes fit in the dresser. this will be tight.
– get mattresses to go with bunk beds
– get sheets for bunk beds.

okay so i did one thing. but the bunk beds are arriving today and jim is picking up mattresses this afternoon. i am taking the girls to a birthday party, and then I guess we will go to the value village and find some sheets since its in the same neighbourhood. not concerned about blankets right now since they don’t sleep under blankets becasue its 346794356 degrees.

took apart the two cribs, cleaned the room, shoved all the furniture around to make room for the new beds. there was five years of dust and spiders under cordelias bed, it was gross. swept, vacuumed, seriously beat the shit out of the rug and tried to get all the playground sand out of it, and that was all like 20 minutes ago and i still can’t catch my breath yet. this baby is stealing all my oxygen and i feel slightly light-headed. you hear that? i can’t even properly clean a room anymore. was not going to attempt to carry all the bits of the cribs down the back stairs to the basement at that moment.

i want her to come out so i can meet her but i also want her to stay put because while shes in there i don’t have to change her diaper or feed her or have her cry for hours or spend half the night awake. i also don’t want to deal with pippa calling herself “grandma” like shes apparently been doing with baby lucy. i think we’ll just not tell them that shes been born. we’ll pretend like i have an 11 month pregnancy or something. “oh sorry, didn’t we tell oyu? the due date was wrong. shes due sometime in October now”

time for us to all get dressed and get going.


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