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31 May 14, 2015

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the summer heat has held off. our neighbours downstairs actually turned on the radiators again. how ridiculous. all my windows are open.

theres not much to say, really. i am just back to this space out of habit. i have to get cordelia dressed soon to walk her to school. we go to school with our jackets on because its remaining delightfully chilly. i am not complaining at all. each day that its 13 degrees is a day when its not 27.

one of the people across the street tried to throw out a cedar chest. my lovely friend neighbour happened to be walking past at the same moment that i left my front door, so she called me over to come look at it. we did that awkward social dance, “i would love to take it, but you can have it if you want… i won’t take it out from under you if you really want it….” for a few moments. somehow it ended up going to me. she helped jim carry it up the stairs. if one of us hadnt taken it im sure someone else would have nabbed it. it is very unlikely that it would have actually seen the back of a garbage truck. now i have three items of furniture that i can say “i pulled this out of someones garbage” really, you could outfit your whole house like that eventually. in fact, when my parents first moved here from England thats what they did. they drove around on garbage day and looked for the things they needed. their dining room table and chairs was a plastic white patio set for a long time. if you count all the second-hand stuff that came out of peoples basements, their own cast-offs, then i have almost all my furniture from that. i especially adore my kitchen table.

i emailed my dad to ask him to come out here one afternoon and bring a power sander. my plan is to have a sweet afternoon father-daughter bonding activity where we work together to restore this thing. its probably going to become a coffee table/snack table/toy storage bin for now. it has a stamp on the inside proving it was built in milverton, ontario. i wish it had a year stamped on it as well becasue i would love to know how old it is. right now its in the middle of my living room, having replaced the smaller end table that the girls used as a snack table. right now they are both sitting there eating oranges before school.

i made chocolate mousse on Tuesday. it didn’t last 24 hours, of course. the girls have never come across chocoalte mousse before and i’m not even sure if they’ve ever had chocolate pudding either so i didn’t know how to describe it to them. they just assumed, of course, that it should be moose-shaped. which it wasnt. blaze kept forgetting that it was called ‘chocolate mousse/moose’ and instead took to calling it ‘chocolate goat’ which cracked me up every single time she said it. why not? we all called it chocolate goat after that.

time to wipe down the sticky children and get them dressed!


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