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May 11, 2015

Filed under: Uncategorized — springtwist @ 9:08 am

its not 20 degrees. its something closer to 12. and its overcast and windy and it looks like a cloud has settled over the street. its weirdly misty.

in other words, JUST PERFECT.

slowing down, slowing down, slowing down. i can’t sit on the couch anymore its too squashy and uncomfortable. i go to bed around 10. i spend a couple hours a day sitting quietly, maybe reading or knitting or sewing a picture of a mushroom. the cats nap in the windows.

babe is head down but still high enough up that she can still pivot and turn on an angle, so sometimes i find her feet on my upper right and her hands on the lower left. shes sleeping right now but was awake not too long ago. fell asleep while i walked cordelia to school.

i don’t really eat food past about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. do all my eating during the day and have zero interest in dinner. i think i am eating less than i have been. i just don’t need it as much right now.


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