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i think its called nesting May 6, 2015

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the 10-week countdown list:

– get the new car seats – ordered today! two new ones for the older girls. we will wait and see if we need a new infant seat.
– make all those nursing pads that i bought all the fabric for
– strip cloth diapers, decide which ones are worth putting back into circulation
find the baby clothes and paraphernalia
– make all the baby clothes fit in the dresser. this will be tight.
– possibly get the girls bunk beds
– look into how to get a newborn a passport – go to service Canada and pay them extra money. they can do it in 20 days.
– get new mattress for the brown crib
start to gather home birth supplies. old towels, old sheets, plastic liners started a bag in the closet that i drop things into as i find them.

the next biggest thing is bunk beds. we ARENT moving to KW or Cambridge. since we aren’t moving, its worth getting bunk beds now.

also, car seats are freakin expensive. but not a expensive as a new car. however these are the types of car seats where you can buy one and use it for like 6 years.

edit: jim looked at the website for the company that we were planning to get our bunk beds from and saw that they had a floor model on sale. i love floor models. all of a sudden a bunk bed goes down by 50% because other people have climbed on it already and it has some scratches. brilliant. we picked up blaze from nursery, stopped to buy bagels on the way and drove to the store. we were appalled at the other price tags for the rest of the furniture. most beds in that place that cost more than our rent. luckily the one we wanted was still available at a reasonable price so we bought it.

we started this bunk bed search before christmas. we looked on craigslist and kijiji. this turned up a whole bunch of really old, broken, damaged, gross bunk beds. we went one step up and looked at ikea. the bunk beds were not well made and probably didn’t have a long life expectancy, and we didn’t feel motivated to buy them. the only one we would have considered was very minimal and made of black metal. which is, you know, quite slippery, if you happen to be 5 years old.

our dark green bed, which i love so much, we got second-hand from jims cousin when she moved back to vancouver. its solid wood and its been just perfect. we have slept in it for 7 years. i have no idea how old it was to start off but its definitely going to last a really really long time.

so we went up a level again and looked at serious, high-quality, solid wood bunk beds. the kind that last forever. the kind that comes apart into two separate twin beds when we move. and we happened to be looking on the right day and found one at half price.

it was an uncomfortably expensive day. people say ‘babies are expensive’ but they arent at all really. it’s their older siblings who are.


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