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29 May 1, 2015

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anything between 9-12 weeks left. holy crap.


I’ve been feeling just felt like the full moon – perfectly round and pale. my skin feels taught, stretched. at this point, babies are about as long as they are going to be at birth, and its simply about fattening up. they are skinny right now, and take the last few weeks to plump up.

and to practice hiccuping.

and to do the Macarena.

shes subtly different than the other two were. not as sensitive as blaze was. she loves deep voices – her dads, my dads, that British guy from the henna event. i expect the sound travels better in water. she still hates that one pair of jeans. she LOVES movement. if i am walking she is sleeping. if i am sitting still or laying down she is pummeling my cervix with her head and tiny fists and elbows. the other night she was busy having a dance fest and i was trying to sleep, so i got up and walked to the kitchen. BAM sleep. thats all it took – about 20 steps to calm her. then we both slept.

three months left to go and quite a lot left to prepare:
– get the new carseats
– make all those nursing pads that i bought all the fabric for
– strip cloth diapers, decide which ones are worth putting back into circulation
– find the baby clothes and paraphernalia (do you know how strange it is to write that?! A BABY IS COMING)
– make all the baby clothes fit in the dresser. this will be tight.
– possibly get the girls bunk beds
– look into how to get a newborn a passport
– get new mattress for the brown crib
– start to gather home birth supplies. old towels, old sheets, plastic liners

so naturally, i have fallen into planning for a tedious and very slow new project. knitting in the summer doesn’t work. who needs a lap full of wool when its 26 degrees out? k no thanks. i had this idea in my head of a poster, a chart of edible mushrooms. and maybe im nesting but i really really really want to cross stitch it. do you know how ridiculous and useless cross stitch is? how it takes zero talent? i learned how to do it when i was like 8 and made a whole bunch of pieces that just sit in a closet somewhere until they eventually fray. it entertained me as a kid but it turns into nothing. seriously pointless endeavor. but now i really really want to make a ginormous, painstakingly tiny, detailed and totally irrational wild mushroom chart. in a kinda vintage engraved-plate style. like it came out of an old book from the Victorian era. probably the book is called “the housewife’s field guide to edible wild mushrooms of southern Ontario”.

then i started thinking, i could do a giant-ass ridiculous chart of wild birds! i could do one of chili peppers! i could do one of eggs! wouldn’t an egg one be elegant? soft creams, blues, greens, dark browns, pinks, many with speckles. like a pull-out drawer at the ROM. what about one of deer and antelope skulls? all those different twisted, curled horns and antlers sprouting from ivory bones.  maybe one of all the species of bees! I’m sure theres iridescent embroidery floss…. little glittering bee bodies….

rein it in.

the problem? THERE IS NO MUSHROOM CHART. apparently the only mushroom pattern kits that can be found have bunnies and fairies in them and are all cartoon-y and fluffy. so i set about learning how to make my own damn cross stitch pattern. this involves me using Photoshop to stick together a bunch of our favourite mushrooms, the ones we are most familiar with, and making my own poster. then i found some online converters that make photos into PDF colour charts. then you go buy all the supplies. then i am going to spend THE REST OF MY LIFE stitching this thing.

crazy plan. but right now it feels so wholesome and i can’t stop the train.


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  1. YAY.
    My general enthusiasm for everything in this post.

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