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well the productive days are finished April 16, 2015

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i got up, did the school thing, and then went back to bed. then spent the whole afternoon eating junk food and knitting and watching TV. feels a bit crummy. probably all the junk food. Jim at least made me a decent breakfast after i dropped off Cordelia. which i nearly slept through and missed eating while it was warm. but i finished my giant knitting.

another window is open. the cats flood to these windows for naps.

we are playing ‘bird call identification’ these days. so nice to hear some birds outside. in the mornings i hear cardinals and blue jays. Jim heard something he thought was maybe a chickadee, so he found audio clips of chickadee songs last night at like 10pm and tried to match what he heard to the songs. bindi heard the audio clips, of course she can’t know that they are audio clips, so she ran to the open window to stare out through the screen into the pitch-black with her little body tense and ready to spring, trying to spot the chickadee that was so close to the window and probably needed killing. her local, free-range, 100-ft diet will probably start up again soon. she would be an excellent barn cat.

we have a bird feeder right now. i bought a little ‘bird feeder in a box’ kit thats made for kids to build. its for like 8 years olds, but the girls were fascinated by this thing and stuck with me, awkwardly trying to use a screwdriver. Cordelia LOVES instructions and really wants to get things just perfectly right. arguably this is a nice personality trait, but we have to work on it a bit because she yells and throws things if they don’t work out exactly. anyway we are not keeping this little bird feeder. it would become a cat feeder in no time at all. the last thing i need to do is bring even more local wildlife closer to the ground and distract them with food while i have two outside cats. the bird feeder can go live at my moms house.

we have been babysitting my moms fish since she has been in the UK. she asked me to feed him while she was away and thers jsut no way i’m driving to mississauga to feed a betta twice a week, so i put him in a quart sized mason jar and took him home. he has lived in his mason jar all week, and will be returned, in his mason jar, this weekend. the only thing that occurred to me last night was that he has lived on the kitchen counter directly in front of the microwave all week. its a safe spot where the cats won’t try to drink his water or knock over his jar, but it also means poor little thing probably has cancer now from microwave radiation.

i am SO TIRED. there. i said it. and Jim is tutoring tonight and won’t be home until about 8 or so. SO TIRED SO TIRED SO TIRED. gotta pace myself to make it until bed time.

i gotta convince blaze to get some clothes on so we can go pick up Cordelia and then i am going to drag my exhausted preggo self and the girls in the wagon to the grocery store and buy some fruit and something stupidly easy to feed them for dinner. i don’t even care.


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