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April 15, 2015

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Got the girls to school. I am really loving that we can just go outside. I don’t have to yell about snow pants, coats, mittens and hats anymore. We just put on our shoes and go outside. The director of blazes nursery did a double-take when she saw me tIis morning. “So uhh.. You’ve been hiding a secret under your coat all winter?”

I watched half a show while I ate breakfast and then put away two baskets of clean laundry. Filled those baskets with EVEN MORE laundry and took them downstairs to be washed. I am now washing the third load of laundry. There’s probably two more to go. Its all lined up downstairs waiting its turn. Laundry is also much less of a chore when its not minus 27 outside.

Jim was tutoring this morning, and when he got home he decided to match all the tupperware and purge the million extra lids that no longer have containers to match. Now we can actually open the drawer again. He set up some bread to bake. We just learned of a new technique for bread: If you make bread with a starter, after you make the dough, stick it all in the fridge overnight. This slows down the yeast but allows the good bacteria to do its thing, which is what makes that sourdough flavor. It does rise in the fridge, but its slow. Pull it out the next day and let it warm up to wake up the yeasts. Jim made a small loaf last night without using the “rest in the fridge” trick and I can tell you already that today’s dough tastes very different from yesterdays baked bread.

Blaze is home and driving us both insane. She’s experimenting with being a dictator. She currently just yells and whines at us non-stop when she wants anything. “Mama, get me some bread with jam on it right now!” Uh, no way kid. Try that again please. Shes got this new phase goin on where she demands i make her food, yells about how hungry she is, and when i make her something she takes threebites,proclaims that shes full and pushes it away. Then 20 minutes later she yells about being hungry. When i tell her “so eat your snack” she rejects it and demands that i make her something else instead. Generally its something we don’thave right now. It seems like a million times a day I tell her “you need to use nice words when you talk to me. When you are rude i don’t want to help you” so today I just gave up and told jim to turn a show on for her so we can both actually get some things done. Forget this trying to be a good mom. I’m just going to be the mom who survives.

I am slowly opening the windows. First the back door and then one of our bedroom windows, and today one of the girls windows.


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