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April 12, 2015

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im tired. it feels stupid to write about that AGAIN but its true. today i am tired. it is 3 in the afternoon. all I’ve done is eat some food and take the girls to the park with my neighbor and her boys for two hours. i should be putting in even the tiniest bit of effort in cleaning. i am not. the place is, as always, an utter shit hole.

jim is applying to full-time teaching positions. this year the options are: waterloo, niagara falls, a couple places in new york, possibly chicago, and then some tiny greek island somewhere.

waterloo sounds safest. if he got one of those jobs, we would be moving about 12 seconds after baby was born. i do not want to be stranded with a newborn in a community i dont know. he DOES need a full-time position, cobbling together part-time positions is working right now but its not going to work much longer. but we need to go where the work is because theres so little of it. i am willing to go to somewhere for a three-year contract, but i really don’t want to go somewhere and then be stuck and never come back. theres nothing for me in these places. he will be going there to get a great job, basically his dream job, i will be walking away from all my supports and directly into the clutches of my depression.


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  1. Chicago is almost in Lafayette! …only four hours. Waterloo-Kitchener is a really, really nice place to live. I think it has become Our dream someday home ade.

    New places totally suck, and then after awhile you realize you’ve actually made community and it’s not so bad. It took me a year of being in Lafayette before I didn’t hate it anymore. At least your work would bring you into interesting circles of people. Do you guys still know people in Waterloo? You must have friends-of-friends in the area still?

  2. springtwist Says:

    okay so we’ll go live in waterloo and then you can come live in Waterloo and we can be neighbours and raise our small hoard of children together. with chickens. i told Jim as soon as he told me that he was applying to a job in KW, “okay. but I’m only living where i can have chickens.”

    it might actually be Cambridge where we end up if we do move there, halfway between toronto and waterloo. that way i can pretend like my doula business just has this really long extended arm. we can serve toronto, the GTA, and Cambridge and KW and i don’t have to feel quite so far away. i can get to toronto and my parents in an hour. it ALREADY takes me an hour to get to mississauga in rush hour.

    HOWEVER, after the most recent back-to-back bullying episodes from my neighbour emperor Qin, i would be quite happy to pick up and move just to get away from him. he isn’t harassing us enough for the landlady to evict him yet, unfortunately (i looked it up). Plus even if he was i doubt she’d be wiling to put in the effort to do so. she has basically said “i don’t want to hear about it” but im really pissed at her for that. it’s not my job to put up with his bullshit. its not okay that he treats people that way at all. and she needs to get involved.

    i dont actually wake up every morning and think “hmm how could i annoy him today?” but i’m thinking i may as well be at this point.

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