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art school seems to be paying off. April 11, 2015

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following up from last night – jim got home, and i really forced myself to get up. i took the girls out to the art store. i paused before picking up the car keys, and thought, “i might be too tired to be driving”. jim cleaned the kitchen and washed all the pans and picked up all the toys in the living room, a feat that i can’t really bend over to reach anymore. the floors are gradually becoming his thing. meanwhile, i played that really difficult game of ‘watch two kids at once in the art store’ where they run off in opposite directions and want me to buy them every pack of stickers.

i tried to keep them out the house for as long as reasonably possible. it was already bed time. somehow, they hadn’t had dinner yet (how does this keep happening?) i figured that going to the grocery store would be just about the worst plan ever, but couldn’t come up with anything else that would kill time and was still open at nearly 8 at night. so we went.

taking children to the grocery store while they are hungry is the biggest exercise in patience. taking children to the grocery store while they are hungry AND I AM DEAD ON MY FEET is worse.

we survived. we got the necessities. we didn’t get much crap.

then they went home where jim had made sushi and we half-assed fed them (this means Jim presented them with a plate of sushi, shoved some stuff off the table so there was a clear spot, and i gave them their new sticker books and we both just walked away and left them to it) half the time we actually have a sit-down dinner with a totally clear table. but its just not realistic to do that every night. thankfully they don’t seem to notice.

put them to bed. blaze finally fell asleep around 10. i peeled myself out of the rocking chair and went straight to my bed. jim came to see if i was interested in watching a show with him, took one look at me and then didnt even ask. so i think he may have read to me instead but honestly i don’t remember. lately he has been reading a math textbook to me at night. he wants to read it, and i don’t care what he reads right now i am asleep in no time. good system.

i slept. and slept and slept. i woke up a bunch of times (thanks, krill,) and re-positioned my pillow nest, accidentally booted twiggy who was half under the covers at my feet, and went through the endless dilemma of “my hip is really sore from being on this side for so long. but baby seems to be sleeping right now. if i roll over i might shake her awake. which is worse, my sore hip or waking her up?” if i swing over reallllllly slow and smooth she generally stays asleep. if not, shes up for a while doing her acrobatics and i can’t sleep through that shit. it is a risky choice.

we slept in. the girls got up and went back to their stickers and then played ‘wedding’ for a long time. i can hear them from my bed but i don’t have to get up to supervise anymore (this is THE BEST). got up around 9. pulled the leftover pie crust dough out the fridge, made strawberry tarts from strawberries we picked and canned last spring and then used the syrup to make strawberry ice cream. feeling better so far today.

jim took the girls to the zoo just now. we are really making the most of the zoo membership, it’s going to be so that the zoo will start needing to pay us to go each visit will get so cheap. blaze’s favourite animal at the zoo? the pig-nosed turtle. she thinks they love her. she thinks they look for her and are happy to see her. she wants one for a pet. i am under strict instructions to do NO CLEANING but to get some painting done instead. apparently so long as i am working on game illustrations i have immunity. i’m totally going to abuse that.

i should be able to get the sky jellyfish done today and move onto the little falcon-coloured wyvren. he is going to be tricky. im also rolling some ideas around about painting the girls into this game somehow. turning blaze into some wild, dirty matted-hair wood nymph child, and I’ve got this image in my head of cordelia wearing a purple dress with purples flowers having a tea party with a camel. i dont know why a camel. just a camel. she’s made the camel wear purple flowers too.


so pleased with this so far. the trick to watercolours, apparently, is “for the love of everything, stop now before you over-work it and end up with a sludgy mess.” they are fast. i swore off watercolours when i was 14 becasue i deeply hated them compared to acrylics, but i’m thankful now that my teacher made me get good at them first. IMG_4158

the wings will kill me though. im afraid to do his wings.


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